Polske dating, Mother of arrested journo Pratasevich: No official info about Raman’s case, his whereabouts

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polske dating

A day earlier, Natallya Pratasevich told Belsat about her latest conversation contact with the son. Do you know what is happening to Raman?

Mother of arrested journo Pratasevich: No official info about Raman’s case, his whereabouts

Unfortunately, I do polske dating know. We get information from the posts polske dating Telegram channels.

polske dating

Was he returning alone or with some acquaintances? As far as I know, he was alone [Later, it became known that Raman was in company of his girlfriend Safiya Sapeha — Belsat]. He was always trying to keep me out [of negative news], since I have certain health problems.

polske dating

All I know is the information that has already appeared on Telegram. Of course, as mother and son, we kept communicating [on the Internet]. He has not been in touch since this [Sunday] morning; I wrote to him, asked what was going on, but I did not get any reply.

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Later, I read [the news] and learned [about the incident] ex post facto. At first, he was about to be there [in Greece] for two weeks.

Polske printpriser

At the same time, he planned to come back earlier, but he did not give a specific date to the last. The day before we corresponded, I asked when he was going to fly back.

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A few days before the flight he told me that it would take place on 23 May. I learned about his flight from our personal correspondence.

No one else knew, unless Roma told them.

polske dating

Has Raman ever mentioned threats or something in dating site în uruguay style? No, he did not say anything about him being watched or threatened.