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The Dating flirty minibus goes towards Ciocanesti at After I buy a mini-pizza si a soft cheese croissant from a small bakery, I take the scenic route through the marketplace to get to the bus station. Vatra Dornei and Bistrita that passes through the town.

While waiting for my minibus, I look at the interesting people around. An old, swarthy looking man, with a fawn hat, is shaking from head to toe with old age.

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A middle aged woman has come with her bicycle to wait for a package from her sister in Piatra-Neamt my hometown. After a conversation with her I understand that she is from Borca, but is now settled in Vatra Dornei.

A young lady, possibly my age, points at the information office.

  1. По ту сторону провала времени все они были соседями.
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  3. Они хранят образ самого города, удерживая на своем месте каждый атом, оберегая его от перемен, вносимых временем.
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The bus station shade, however, has formed a freezer for the patient travellers. Patient ladies at Vatra Dornei bus station.

I enter the information office, where three men are speaking loudly. They are dressed in greys and navy blues, with their cheeks streaked by both frost and sun.

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Their boss, a gentleman with a bold look about him and with his teeth thinned from tobacco, tells me that the schedule written on the panels is correct. I wait on a wooden bench in front of a minibus that says Carlibaba.

A granny with a floral head scarf climbs into the bus, although the driver is away.

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I take a closer look and notice a suspended hat, on top of one of the seats on the minibus. It belongs to an old gentleman who had the same idea as the granny.

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I get into the minibus as well and say hello. A few minutes later a nun appears and sits next to me. One path leads to Mestecanis and another to Ciocanesti.

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I get off at the same time as the nun and another old lady with a head scarf. It seems that all the respectable ladies here wear floral head scarfs.

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On my left I see a little meadow, with a cow grazing in it. Bistrita flows gently nearby, small, but brave. After a short visit to the river I start my walk through Ciocanesti.

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  • Действительно, некогда человечество занимало пространство, бесконечно превосходящее этот город.

A lady in her early sixties stands behind her gate with curiosity. Is this the right road to the village? I heard you coming from afar, your trousers make a squeaky noise. I take a photo of her and carry on. A cow grazing next to Bistrita. The lady at the gate.

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Scattered houses on scythe mowed hills and valleys are guarded by short wooden fences. Large haystacks with thinned out tops await with dignity in pine wood pot pegs. Scattered houses on hills and valleys. A haystack gazing at the hills. White houses, with national motifs painted in various shapes, start appearing, one more beautiful than the other.

They resemble boys and girls in festive attire. Weary from walking, I sit on a bench in the yard of the village museum.

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This is where the famous painted eggs museum resides in Ciocanesti. A couple comes to visit the museum with their newborn child.

Pop up speed​​ dating home house museum is closed. Traditional house from Ciocanesti.

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One of the locals passing by a village house. One of the styles of house decorations. I idly stare towards the far away mountains.

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The statue of Stephen the Great looks back at me from the middle of the yard. A tall young lady, with long, black hair, enters the yard and opens the door to the museum.