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She was born to Grigorie, a veterinarian and Emilia Sandu, [10] a teacher. Inshe graduated from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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Sandu speaks RussianSpanish and English in addition to her native Romanian. From to she served as Minister of Education of Moldova. On 23 December Running on a pro-EU action platform, she was one of the two candidates that reached the runoff of the election.

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Maia Sandu was ousted as prime minister on 12 Novemberfollowing a vote of no confidence. She remained as a caretaker of the office until the formation of a new government.

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Under Sandu's leadership, Moldova is once more in a position to resume moving forward towards European integration. Sandu was sworn in on 24 December in the Palace of the Republic.

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During the ceremony, she appealed for national unity, speaking in Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauz and Bulgarian towards the end of her remarks. Parliament[ edit ] On 28 December, she met the parliamentary factions for consultations. At a briefing following her visit to Ukraine, Sandu also touched upon the appointment of the prime minister, stating that "Neither Voronin nor Usatii are suitable for the role of prime minister.

We need a serious government, created following asian sikh speed​​ dating elections.

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In the same time, without Dodon knowing, Durleșteanu announced that she was retiring her candidature. Some political analysts are of the opinion that the withdrawal of Durleșteanu was planned in order to get closer and closer to the snap elections. On 21 Januaryhuman rights activist Ana Revenko was appointed Secretary of the Supreme Security Council and concurrently adviser to Sandu in the field of defense and national security.

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