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The objective of this research was to identify the levels 41 dating 21 understanding of teaching communication However, in this paper, we intend to focus on one of the research objectives, namely to analyze the relationship between the lesson plan which is developed for each hour and the actual process of teaching and learning in the classroom.

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Expertise and anthony tatiana cake boss dating practice showed us that that there is an reverse relationship between the number of set objectives and those actually met by the end of the class. The same type of relationship is maintained between the number of set objectives and content understanding by students. In this context, the working hypothesis is related to the following issue: there are differences between the developed lesson plan and what actually takes place in the classroom The target group consists of teachers who teach in the grammar school education.

Tale primo evento consiste in un laboratorio gratuito per grandi e piccini, con inizio alle ore 16,00 e chiusura alle 18, Infatti, nonostante i molteplici benefici recati ai minorati della vista dal sistema di lettura e scrittura Braille, ideato da uno di loro, appositamente per loro, purtroppo ancora molti manifestano una forte ostilità nei suoi confronti.

The dependent variable is the understanding and the independent claimed variables, specific to the teaching profession will be: the academic rank, level of education, rural or urban origin of the school, the existence of local universities to improve teaching and providing specialist. Ultimately, the solutions identified are represented by a model of understanding and the effects of its application can be measured by analyzing the impact on the students, as the ultimate beneficiaries of any educational endeavor.

Biografie Sybilla Sorondo sa născut în New Yorkîn După acest eveniment unii clienți vor ocupa ca articole de îmbrăcăminte.

The high number of lesson plans from urban areas is due to the fact that at a national level, the number of teachers employed in urban areas is higher than that of rural anthony tatiana cake boss dating. Because livelong learning and training of staff in secondary education is supported by the MEN, most teachers have teaching degrees.

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We chose to analyze lesson plans for the VIIth and IXth grade as the study of chemistry - as a subject at secondary level begins in the seventh grade and most of the contents of the first year of study, are repeated and developed at the high school level in the IXth grade.

Another reason is the fact that in these stages of initiation into the study of chemistry, the importance of teaching content is crucial for students.

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In these years they decide the "fate" of this object, in the sense of understanding or not the taught content and furthermore, of including chemistry class in the student likes or dislikes. That is why, at this stage, the influence of the teacher is crucial.

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Later, student comprehension will be marked by many more actions. In many cases, especially in rural areas, the same teacher teaches both cycles.

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The four counties BH, CS, DJ, IS and Bucharest have universities but 4 counties have no universities, however, in municipalities of residence state and private universities branchesoperate.

After studying school documents curricula, syllabi, annual and half-yearly planning calendarin the first stage of research, we asked from the mentioned teachers group, chemistry lesson plans developed for topic "Electron shell of the atom," which class is taught both at the seventh and ninth grade.


We chose this lesson because the high level of abstractization of the taught knowledge requires mastery by the teacher, since it is difficult for students to understand the concepts of layer, substrate, orbital,atomic energy, electron layer energy and to apply the rules of employment and electron filling layers.

To verify the hypothesis which assumes the existence of differences between developed lesson plan and what actually performs the class, I asked for responses to several ntrebri. Ne will stop but only on a few of them: 1.

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To what extent the lesson plan is a fundamental part of the work of the teacher? Only 5 teachers downplayed the role of planning in the work of the teachers, 18 gave a share "average importance" andconsidered it of a very high 91 and great 40 importance.

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We should mention the fact that of the five teachers who gave importance to planning, four have the Ist teaching degree, meaning for them planning may be no longer a priority, due to their great experience, and to the fact that they never had attraction for this stage of planning lessons. For the 1st Option, there were few 1st degree teachers and the percentage decreased significantly compared to the previous situation, being These figures reinforce the importance of didactic planning.

It is true that the Ist grade teachers low percentage is very large - and largely can be put and to the fact that this stage of their teaching career developing lesson plans is not compulsory, but we tend to think that

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