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This offers students the unique opportunity to work with a coastal engineer and geologist in an area of extreme coastal erosion.

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This manifests itself spatially in the form of a void that monopolises the site of the last neutral ground in the city.

Only 17 minutes earlier, the first plane set the stage. Now the second aircraft — a re-enactment of the first — immediately turned a singular catastrophe into an apocalyptic performance.

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The direct result was a crisis of political insulation. The core could no longer protect itself against terrors long familiar to the periphery and the frontier. Four years later, Mississippi floodwaters filled the breach.

In 14 1 4 the embryonic moments of the post-traumatic age, the third world penetrates the first with tendrils of fear and insecurity.

Volum 2011 P 2

What was once far grows unbearably close. This issue of 1 asks what mappings are possible between the optimism of experimentation and the critical situations we find ourselves in.

It is a question that attempts to redirect the creative impulse of the avant-garde towards problems that are both current and relevant and thus finds its exemplary figure in urban trauma and its aftermath.

Urbanism is parasitic on crisis. Crisis is productive.

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Threats — both real and imagined — fill its veins and flesh out its form. This means guillotining most discourse oyo state dating site the environment, ecology, conflict and humanitarian aid.

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Architects do not heal trauma; they are complicit with its production. What is required is an unsentimental inquiry into the conditions we are being presented with, an inquiry that does not seek to motivate action through the production of fear.

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What is the point of taking a word that is already contentious in psychoanalytic theory and holding it up against a term like urbanism? It would not be to claim that the built environment has some unconscious that suffers; rather, the point is to redistribute those questions we take to be relevant and important with regards to urbanism.

In each case, the questions that we take to be important with regards to cities are reorganised.


Trauma is by definition an exception, a collection of singularities. The traumatic moment is unheralded and unprecedented. We ask: what new questions might emerge by raising the term urbanism alongside trauma? To elaborate on this, it is first necessary to take a moment to construct a definition of trauma that can survive its leap from a psychoanalytic domain to an urban one.

Our sensory apparatus and capacity for sense-making is constructed dating site- ul accra time through the actions of repetition and habit.

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Every day we oyo state dating site provoked and lured by problems to which we gradually learn to adapt. This slow accumulation of impressions shapes oyo state dating site conception of the world and the potential of our agency within it. Both evolutionary history and personal experience prime us to prepare ourselves for uncertainty in different ways.

Each adopts a disposition or stance towards the future that draws on remembered progressions of both regular and exceptional events and their aftermath.

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The contractile in-gathering of memories orients out in a projectile vision of the future. These events, which form the fundamental structuring stimuli of our sensory apparatus and capacity for sensemaking, fall within a certain range or bandwidth of duration and intensity.

Over time this seemingly random scattering of events begins to exhibit forms of regularity. The condensation of points around certain types of attractors reveals patterns of solicitation and response that we use to regulate our expectations of change.

When On Earth

There is a connective synthesis at work here, a sort of rhythmic entrainment where processes of feedback and reinforcement begin to strengthen the bonds between constellations of distributed points. These collections, which form the contours of our experiential landscape, describe a dynamic, complex, open system whose remarkable capacity for adaptation emerges out of the tension between the economies of repetition and the provocation of difference.

If our tendencies tend to harden and our predispositions tend to ossify, it is mostly because a little risk has more evolutionary advantage than too much or none at all. It is why fear is such a potent and yet inherently conservative motor for action.

And it is precisely why one should be wary of all those who are parasitic on crisis and feed on insecurity.

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It is not the intention here to uncover the archaeological history of these repetitions that so organise our present; this has been carried out before. Rather it is to simply point out that this distribution describes a more or less delimited space or terrain and most importantly that the limits and topography of this space structure our capacity to absorb or locate new events as they arise.

Because we rely on past events to calculate future ones, and because the sum total of our experience cannot exhaust the sum total of all possible experience, a space opens up beyond the horizons of our conceptual geography, a gap between what is historically accumulated and what is in fact possible. Beyond this horizon we find only the silence of as yet unnameable events.

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Classical causality is complicated by pre-emption. It arrives unrecognisably and without warning, an inassimilable event that shatters the very coordinates of our experiential landscape, leaving us adrift on a sea of excessive sensation.

In the moment of trauma you are exiled from your own psychic landscape, a foreign intruder in an unfamiliar land. Ordos, New City, China, Projects such as Ordos in Inner Mongolia in China crystallise the volatile and ethically fraught nexus between financial liquidity, real-estate speculation and the aesthetic currency of avant-garde architectural practice.

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The spaces around this blind spot record the impression of the event like a scar. NASA, Hurricane Katrina approaching the US Gulf Coast, above left: The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina seems to have crystallised a series of contemporary concerns relating to governance, corporatisation of aid work, social justice, racism, global warming and neoliberalism.

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The urban politics that might yet emerge from this entangled environment where hydrological and meteorological conditions conspire to reorganise the distribution of people according to race or class, and proceed to refashion the very form of our cities, is one we may not yet recognise. Tracking and controlling the maturation of these infant technopolitical assemblages is a critical part of ensuring that these development drivers produce forms of urbanity that are guided by socially just and equitable politics.

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Infrastructure severs the emergent logic of the informal urban fabric from the centrally planned rationality of the city grid. This interruption or barrier to the growth of each system intensifies the differentiation between them.

Rather than being understood as wounds to be healed or stitched over, the cuts or blockages in a city can also be simply seen as productive of difference so that the reflective impulse of reconnection can be examined. Dahiyeh, Beirut, Lebanon, opposite: Aftermath of the Israeli invasion. By displacing the largely Shia population from oyo state dating site areas, Israel hoped to destabilise the internal political balance within Lebanon using an urban design strategy delivered by bunker busters and directed towards neighbourhood clearance.

Post-traumatic Urbanism_ Architectural Design - Charles Rice

After the bombing, the internal climate was politically charged as different groups argued over the design of the proposed reconstruction and the degree to which it would repeat the urban plan of the destroyed neighbourhood. Design options were understood as means to establish historical continuity and embody different sorts of tactical potential.

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Trauma forms an epistemological blind spot, a limit space behind which known experience recedes.