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Kassandra O a month ago I don't normally post reviews but I feel compelled to share after seeing a negative review from someone who visited the shop at the end of day and said the artists were rude.

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I find that impossible to believe based on my experience. We wandered up at about a quarter after 4 or so and saw the tail end of a demo.

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The artist, whose name I did not get, made a point of making eye contact and acknowledging us when we joined the onlookers.

What I saw of the demo was absolutely stunning to watch and the artist explained everything he was doing and why in a way that makes me feel he is passionate about his work even though I'm sure he had said the same thing at least 10 times already that day.

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As we were going to the gift shop he came over to us and initiated conversation. My daughter and I went to the glasshouse dig exhibit and spent some time dating în williamsburg va the beach.

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As we were leaving the area well after business hours had ended we were again acknowledged. I can honestly say this was the highlight of my vacation.

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I was made to feel like an old friend not just a tourist with a checkbook. Absolutely, unequivocally, genuinely an excellent experience.

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And should the artist see this, if you find yourself in Iowa, moth crested twin, look me up. I'll buy you a Made-rite. Show more reviews.

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