Solicitor dating client

solicitor dating client

We have never been disappointed by the legal services provided by the team. They always present us the reality as it is, without giving us false hopes on our success chances in the courts of law.

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VASS Lawyers functions as an honorable institution in a random Romanian justice system in which the lack of predictability and consistency reigns upon us. Because they have always been by our side and have never disappointed us, we are truly grateful to VASS Lawyers. Their talent, attention to details and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed.

They are all a delight to work with and I was very fortunate to have them on my side. Their business insight and strategic advice helped us avoid costly disputes with Google and other business partners. The firm's solicitor dating client includes major tenders, project development and related construction advice, including negotiations with sub-contractors.

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The practice is also strong on the contentious side, representing an array of private sector clients. Iulia Vass is very well regarded. The team also covers dispute resolution and day-to-day business, as well as core business related fields.

VASS Lawyers is not just another law firm. In light of its top quality services and trend-setter approach, in it became the first boutique law firm in Romania to hold a top tier position in The Legal With a hard-won combined experience of over 40 years and a profound academic background and legal competence, the team manages multibillion projects and day-to-day business matters with the same dedication and quality control processes.

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Most importantly, the personal and customised advice and up-to-date communication is provided in a cost-efficient manner. Public procurement and PPP: The firm provides strategic advice and skybar dating site solutions to a wide range of private investors and public bodies on public procurement, utilities, concessions, defence and PPP projects, in all phases of the tendering process and contract implementation.

So the essential prerequisite for scoring big wins in award procedures is to know inside out the applicable rules in the bidding process. However, mastering the public procurement and PPP rules is not enough to obtain bottom-line results in complex projects.

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Therefore, VASS lawyers also covers all essential related practices, such as dispute resolution, public law, contracts or regulatory. For over ten years, the team has been involved in thousands of public procurement projects that include various industries, such as infrastructure, healthcare or education, and span from smaller contracts to billion Euro projects.

The firm has successfully solicitor dating client the entire spectrum of domestic and international bidders, from SMEs to FORTUNE companies, as well as various public entities, state-owned companies or international or trade organisations.

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Litigation and arbitration: VASS Lawyers represents its clients in high profile cases involving the public sector or infringement of civil rights, as well as in disputes arising from business practices. The ever changing Romanian legislation is complex and highly interpretable. Case law is not a source of law and the court solutions are rather unpredictable.

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In order to increase the chances of success, a strong, reliable partner who can gracefully handle cases from pre-litigation phase to definitive resolution is needed. VASS Lawyers provides strategic advice and represents a wide range of companies, NGOs, public bodies or individuals in long term conflicts or strenuous battles deriving from contracts, employment, intellectual property rights or administrative acts, in front of all Romanian courts of law, arbitration courts, the CJEU or the ECHR.

The particular strength of the team lies in public procurement litigation, but it also covers exquisitely administrative litigation or business disputes, as well as cases on dignity, honour and reputation protection.

Day-to-day business: VASS Lawyers advises its clients on daily corporate matters, business transactions, performance and termination of contracts, as well as employment matters. Companies encounter pressing issues on a daily basis concerning the operation and management of their business, relationships with employees, collaboration with suppliers and business partners and interaction with public authorities.

A prerequisite for business success is to prevent problems and disputes rather than making amends later. The team provides up-to-date, creative solutions and strategic advice in an efficient and timely manner on every aspect regarding the set-up, running or expansion of a business.

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The lawyers are highly specialised in contracts, real estate, corporate, and employment, having obtained bottom-line results in complex projects. They also cover solicitor dating client matters in other areas, such as competition and state aid, intellectual property, data protection or regulatory. Main Contacts.