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I got one custom tele but I love my 73 it up there Damien HealeyAcum 4 luni Love Fender, but please Fender do rear route guitars, not just Troublemakers.

Love 72 tele deluxe. Claude-Etienne BorduasAcum 4 luni So you bought a custom tele for what? Willem MulderAcum 4 luni Hey Guys, love your channel. Being a huge Fender fan myself I can feel the love your side.

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And one day I'll own a Custom Shop actually many many more lol Keep it up and keep playing. Much respect from Cape Town, South Africa. The best guitar I have ever played! It will stay with me my whole life.


Dean ZygAcum 4 luni I have a moderately relic'ed CS strat and I feel like the guitar has organically melded into a single unit. And of course it feels smooth, silky and soft.

Jo-han GohAcum 3 luni Sounds like you got a journeyman relic. Mine is too. Sub ZeroAcum 4 luni im not big on relics.

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I like the NOS and then aging it myself. Bruce Kaiser BandAcum 5 luni Yea! Trust casino guitars to represent.

If I ever get one, they may be Fat 60s Buy a Nash for half the price and it's much better. I have also always wanted to be rich enough to afford one! Crunch some numbers look at financing whatever and Get ahold of a Custom Shop 55 journeyman strat like mine.

Your creativeness, skill level and guitar swagger just skyrocketed. Everything you do feels and sounds better. I promise. I play in several bands now and own several CS guitars. I look at it like long term investments.

All of my guitars are worth more than I paid. High end guitars have a great market. Luey MeteoraAcum 6 luni If I could relic But inasmuch as I'll never afford one I'm gonna tear down all you rich bastards who can!

Andre DeGiantAcum 6 luni Custom shop guitars, almost always worth it. Stick with it. I quit years ago and best decision I made OskarileikosAcum 17 Zile That's two great things you dating mim telecaster going to yourself! Keef JuniorAcum 20 Zile That's incredible! Hope you get the Strat you really want. Unfortunately, I am certain that I could buy another vintage one for less than it would cost to get dating mim telecaster Master Built by the Custom Shop. They're great!

TheTroll MastahAcum 6 luni Would love one but I am poor im annonymousAcum 7 luni Love to be able to afford custom shop. But like the song sayz. Except for red Hank Marvin Strat.

Jo-han GohAcum 3 luni A pity though. I would like a postmodern Strat in NOS instead of journeyman relic'd. Have to say my gibson have always been awesome too Rust in PeaceAcum 7 luni If you want a Custom, the real trouble is be able to try the option you have.

Who gets to try all neck,fret, pickup choices for example. In that case, use a Fender neck.

Even, a used one. KeenanAcum 7 luni it depends because if you're going for something really specific, then it might be difficult. For example, only fender does online dating ios app slab-board necks properly if you're into that WaltosAcum 7 luni I too, love the Custom Shop. My dealer told me to expect the Tele I ordered in about 6 months.

It showed up 18 months after I ordered it.

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Likely a dealer issue rather than the CS. BUT, I do love my Tele. Great guitar. Its just a different feel about these guitars. I am so lucky to have it. Robert PajkovskiAcum 7 luni Dating mim telecaster love my 64 L series custom shop fender strat. Closet classic with 7. It came with Josefina pickups! WhimpyPatrolAcum 7 luni Can't do a comparison man. Its not like there is one type of tele or strat. There's a tele and strat for every year, price point and modification imaginable.

It not like there is dating mim telecaster tele that's the "real thing" WhimpyPatrolAcum 7 luni Could you all quit arguing and settle the matter with a blind fold Pepsi taste comparison? WhimpyPatrolAcum 7 luni I fell for a reliced blue gretsch falcon made by the custom shop. I think Mr stray cat bought it and dumped it. It turn up a a guitar show discounted to 6 or 7K, and I could have bought it on credit.

What a beauty, but it honestly didn't sound or play any better than the GC store gretschs at that time, some of the best ever made and for a descent price.

WhimpyPatrolAcum 7 luni Ya, why don't they just call them fakes instead of all this marketing baloney Steven HoldenAcum 7 luni Not a relic person.

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I will wear it down myself. If I could afford a few extra maybe I would.

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I did get to play a red white and blue one with a b string bender that was great. Sparkle by the way. It's got a beautiful figured maple neck with a rosewood board, but that's about it. The Texas Special pickups don't sound that special to me and the body wood is so soft that one of the neck bolt holes was shipped stripped and had to be drilled out and doweled and half the pickup screw holes were stripped too.

Why I bought it is a long story but price was 1 G back then. I'd much rather play my American Standard that's about 6 years old.

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It plays great and has a more bright but not brittle jangly distinctive Strat sound. SweatyVanHalenAcum 7 luni I was wearing a pair of jeans with holes in the knees and a guy stopped me and said "you must do really hard labor Rich BriereAcum 7 luni It's funny for me to watch you guys, gentlemen that I really enjoy, talk about the Custom Shop One area that you might want to explore is the transition period from Vince Cunetto making the "Relics" to the Custom Shop making them.

It was comical. MANY of those guitars are still out there Tell us everything you know about Mars Music.

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The Perfect Storm is here Covid, the Internet, Dating mim telecaster, Reverb, eBay, etc. I LOVE the same dealers that you mentioned Dealers with a Conscience. I'd ask that you keep one other Option in your heads though What's gonna' happen to all those empty GC buildings?

How many "Brands" do the Top Several Manufacturers own? Sleep Well. The best ones dating mim telecaster are really resto-mods with modern brakes, engine, trans, etc. Custom shop guitars are great for a players to take on stage.

Incident Response

Covers guitars in a interesting freewheeling degree manner covering the technicals to the emotional, and all in between. Great stuff!

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I own two tele custom shops. My favorite guitars. Right up there with my 58 Les Paul Jr. Haha great video guys!

Sean BrooksAcum 8 luni I def see the value of a fender custom shop guitar. Selecting your own neck profile,frets, etc is awesome. The build quality is amazing. That being said, i feel that if you have the dating mim telecaster to do so, you are much better off building your own partscaster.

I understand not everyone has the desire, or the ability to build something at all, much less to the quality standards of Fender Custom Shop, but its definitely a fun journey. I think EVH or Clapton when i think of partscasters. Even the fender custom shop guys are not building these parts from scratch, the rough product comes out of a CNC machine. Timothy DurkinAcum 8 luni Dating mim telecaster fellas, really enjoy your channel.

I love going to my local guitar shops and shooting the breeze with the folks there. You seem like really genuine people, I would feel comfortable purchasing a high end guitar from you.

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You both seem really cool. That said I have a question.

Additional Context

I'm looking for a custom Tele, looking at Whitfield, Nacho, Danocaster etc. A branded Fender custom shop would be awesome too, but about 1k more. What are your thoughts on these custom t-style builders Cory HolteAcum 5 luni They did an excellent video on Boutique vs Partscasters.

I would honestly pay the extra money, and get a CS guitar david wileAcum 8 luni I have a strat from dating mim telecaster 60s and can say that the custom shop the last few years has been doing some great stuff I've picked up a bunch of CS guitars and there's only one that comes to mind that I actually liked. Every one seems to have a massive neck that's brutally uncomfortable. I've just now gotten a couple of the AO60s series and those to me are friggin phenomenal guitars.

Live those pieces: they dating mim telecaster perhaps the best bang for your buck in the electric guitar world. Larger necks have been popular for the past 5 years it seems and we both love them but the funny thing is bitch of my necks are rather small.

Sincere thanks for sharing your thoughts and congrats on your guitars as well! Ivor ThomasAcum 8 luni I have only seen 5 or 6 heavy relic Fenders at my local Guitar Center and none of them looked close to real wear patterns.

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I'm sure good ones are out there though. Regarding those cool vintage neck profiles No one I knew had a vintage instrument and new guitars always had slim necks. I feel gipped.