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This activity will include the design, development, assembly and testing of a XFM-CS X-ray flux monitor for cubesats instrument with a baseline spectrum of 0. The space-based detection of X-rays is used for space science as well as space weather xfm dating activities.

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This instrument will be geared towards monitoring and forecasting of space weather phenomena and should be capable of detecting all flares of at least class M1 and above with a cadence of 1 minute and on-board processing times less than 1 second. The unit will be designed to be flown on a cubesat and as such will be accommodated on a single cubesat unit, the xfm dating bus shall be developed under a separate activity and the final cubesat may have a 2u or 3u configuration.

As such this development shall include the establishment ofsystem requirements, system-level design, detailed subsystem design of the front end sensor unit with xfm dating and the back-end electronics, thermal modelling of the instrument, testing on a subsystem level, and assembly and testing of the complete system.

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This activity aims to develop an XFM unit to be flown on a cubesat and prove the usefulness of a future unit given the resources for continuous solar observation and real-time data downlink. It shall be developed using commercial off-the-shelf components where feasible to reduce costs but fully-space qualified equivalent components shall be identified in all cases.

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