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Graffiti, an art for misfits of art

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The number of reviews in the newspapers, magazines, books or on the Internet is increasing everyday. It is a unique phenomenon, sometimes spectacular, other times profoundly indecent.


However it deserves a closer look, because such writings on the walls of houses, public institutions, toilets and subways got over the bashfulness of the beginning and developed into a real form of art. Where did it start?

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There are a lot of opinions. The dictionary says it's an inscription, slogan, drawing, scratched, scribbled or drawn often crudely on a wall or other public surface.

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The "artists" even have a special language to define the various stages and status of their art: "writer" - the one who draws the graffiti, "To bomb" - to draw, "crew" the entire group of drawers, "toy" - a new member of the "crew," still unaccustomed with all the subtleties of this art, misfits dating dating - the most primitive form of graffiti, a stylised signature, "burner" - any kind of graffiti as long as it's a good piece.

What compels the members of such a "crew" to take risks, considering that only very few achieve stardom Keith Harring and Jean Michel Basquiat are two of the lucky few?

I am aware other individuals who own it. A few buddies of mine and buddies of buddies in l. Is it possible to think youre cool, and therefore expected to enter? Exactly what went throughout your mind whenever hearing a rejection? Mostly resignation.

The answer is simple: graffiti is the language of the ignorant. Even when the works they "display" resemble art; it is labeled as vandalism.

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The gray and peaceful community deems them "bums. We find misfits dating dating graffiti is invented by the marginal parts of art.

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In Romania the aesthetic factor is seldom translated by the ethical. This kind of "underground" only appeared in the last years and is still a "baby.

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The Romanian graffiti artists are prevented from doing much "harm" to our public walls by the fact that paint sprays are expensive and people have more serious things to do like playing football. The gangs use to mark their territory with graffiti "tags.

Bună și bine ai venit în insula invențiilor ciudate. Welcome to the island of misfit toys. Bine ai venit pe insula jucăriilor nepotrivite.

Most of these messages are political or sexual in nature and very rarely ironical. A short selection might give you an idea about what Romanians write on walls: "Killer socks," "The best," "Citizens, Think!

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Without any doubt, in a few years we will have more to show, noua eră 2021 dating even a few names like other countries and who knows, a real display on graffiti art. We are still expanding our perception and getting better everyday, even if we are new at this game.